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Roblox Wiki Bluesteel Domino. OverviewAppearanceHistoryThe Domino Crown series consists of special crown hats that are among the most expensive and popular items on Roblox alongside the Dominus Sparkle Time Fedoras and the Federation crowns They are mostly limited items but some were earned from gifts or rewarded to special users on the site Currently there are seven main Domino Crowns four limited ones a special ed Text under.

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Counterfeit Domino Crown (also referred to as DIY Domino Crown) is a limited unique hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on April 1 2018 As the 6th item in the Domino Crown series it could be purchased for 10000 Robux and had.

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OverviewBluesteel accessories and packagesBluesteel GearBluesteel is a material used to make various accessories and gear as well as retextures of existing items This article lists all the items in the avatar shop which are created with Bluesteel It is considered to be the heaviest metal in Roblox As said in the description of the Bluesteel Wings “How can these fly when bluesteel is the heaviest metal of all?” Text under.

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These items are made with the bluesteel material.

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Christmas Top Hat Cinnamon Hair Circuit Breaker City Life Man Clout Goggles CategoryCode Items Color Changing Bacon Hair Color Changing Dominus Color Changing Fedora.

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