Roblox Unbrella Mesh

Roblox Unbrella Mesh. OverviewBlockMeshUser meshesA mesh is a 3D object such as a hat (catalog item) gear (catalog item) or Part Every hat gear and package (except for the Mysterious Object) is made up of one or more meshes There are SpecialMesh which contain BlockMesh and CylinderMesh among other mesh variations Text under.

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The beach umbrella can be crafted in the furniture workbench if the blueprint for the block is unlocked Any kind of red flowers can be used in this recipe Name Recipe Crafting station Blueprint required Beach Umbrella 10 Iron 3 Red Flowers.


DescriptionUsageOther InformationThe Umbrella is an item players can buy in the shop or randomly generated somewhere within the map in Camping It is noted (according to comments below) that around your damage reduction when using this item is around 40 to 60%.

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The umbrella mesh itself seems to be a Roblox asset can’t speak for the rest of the models I’d suggest going through all the meshes to see if the person you hired uploaded them or not as well as any textures/decals in the game ROBLOX MESH_BeachUmbrella.


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Building Support an Umbrella Tips for Creating

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Roblox Unbrella Mesh
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