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Roblox Tool Equip On Join. The client can’t see the contents of ServerStorage as it’s exclusive to the server You would have to store your tool in ReplicatedStorage or ReplicatedFirst in this caseMissing joinMust include.

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Decal On Tool Not Working Scripting Support Devforum Roblox from

Cloning the tool inside the character makes it equip automatically In order to do this here’s a simple demonstration local Players = gameGetService (“Players”) local tool = path to the tool PlayersPlayerAddedConnect (function (player) playerCharacterAddedConnect (function (character) toolClone () clone the tool toolParent.

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How to force players to equip a tool the moment they join/respawn and have that same tool impossible to be unequipped What’s your favorite Roblox game at the moment? It can be the most recent game added to your favorites or the game you’ve been playing the most lately Kord_K’s The True Backrooms Since early 2021 I’ve been staggered by.

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Auto Grind By Otherworldly Studios Use this Pass in [ 5X STATS + UPD 16] Magic Champions ????‍♂️ Price 350 Allows you to train strength or endurance automatically! Just equip the strength or endurance tool to begin training without having to click! Useful for mobile users or if you don’t have an autoclicker! Type.

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Decal On Tool Not Working Scripting Support Devforum Roblox

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a tool the players to equip moment they join How to force

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How to make a tool equip? Scripting Support Roblox

My pistol i been using for years in my roblox zombie game has seemingly been broken within the last updates not completely but it has a annoying bug where players are teleported to a spot when they equip it so im forced to make a revamp of my game to work around this if i can just manage to have players auto equip it as soon as they join and also enforce it to not be able toTop responses.

Roblox Tool Equip On Join
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