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Roblox Soulshatters Bete Noire. My discord server https//discordgg/D8jC4mQ Watch till the end before commenting Thank You! (Please watch in 1080p) Hit that like button and subscribe! Co.

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WeaknessesTips For Playing with Bete NoirePro´s and Con´sCombosMatchUps Cannot manually Block as well as Perfect Block in her Normal ModeHer attacks can be easily blocked and dodged[!] Moves as delta sans’s RMB soul snatch and other unblock able moves can bypass her auto blockDodging Characters as she cannot fight against them well.

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The pink traita ‘Bête Noire’ The soul of FEAR” Betty spawns with 100 HP and has two lives Betty has 50 ATK and 120 DEF which increases to 90 ATK 210 DEF and 160 HP on her second life She can switch between Scythe and Normal attack modes with Q and E and has a third permanent mode only available on her second life.

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Take advantage of this weakness heavily so that you can beat them Try blocking Normal 1 Its much easier to attempt to block kleptophobia than it is to try dashing as hitboxes tend to be lets say they favor the aggressor more than the victim at 51+% you can reliably block the 2 1 combo while dashing is a mixed bag until 65%.

Roblox Undertale Soul Shatters Bete Noire Youtube

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A good counter for Bete is Glitchtale Chara who if she is played with well can simply run her over with his long high damage combos Undertale Sans is also a good counter as his Karma and Auto Dodge is nuisance to her Right now the biggest counter for Bete is StoryShift Chara as she also has Auto Dodge but also high damPassive abilitiesNote Do NOT edit these information without permission as this will lead to confusion!Regeneration Bete naturally regenerates health when her mana meter is at or more than 95% She regens about 1 HP per second Phase 1 and 3 only Akumu / Kumu Akumu blocking Bete has a pink block bar below her stamina meter While in Normal mode Akumu will attempt to block an Text under.

Roblox Soulshatters Bete Noire
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