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Roblox Scp Foundation Facility Blue Card. Facility Manager Card This Keycard can be found by upgrading a Zone Manager keycard on “Fine” in SCP914 It has full Facility Access but it cannot open Armories It is one of the only two cards that can activate the nuke Spawn Locations SCP939’s Containment Area SCP106’s Catwalk SCZ Armory SCZ Storage Area.

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the SCP Facility By @Duality0_0 Earn this Badge in *SCP* Creepypasta Life RP This site is offgrid No entry allowed Type Badge.

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SCP073 Is similar to SCP0762 but it will have access to a P90 and will be on the foundation‘s team SCP0762 Wields a sword and is slightly faster than others This SCP also has a SCP001 skin that can be bought for 5000 points in the shop.

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SCP Roleplay is a Roblox game created by the SCP | Roleplay Community group owned by MetatableIndex based on the SCP universe In the game you play as many different roles with their own purpose and equipment Each role has its own unique equipment which you can learn more about here in this wiki The game is constantly updated and active.

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Omni Card Given to all Facility Executives and O5 Council Members and ClassD if there is a riot Gives access to every door in the facility except ClassD Cell Doors Pink (Blue on keycard model) SCP Card Given to all playable SCPs A Level 4 card that cannot open other SCP doors Staff Card.

Janitors Scp Facility Lockdown Wiki Fandom

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Roblox Scp Foundation Facility Blue Card
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