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R Lyeh The Sunken City roblox r'lyeh the sunken city how to get
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R’lyeh is an ancient city under the Pacific Ocean it was built by Daemon Cthulhu and his followers 350 millions years ago After Cthulhu was defeated by the Elder Gods this city fell into the sea After thatonly the Deep Ones can enter this city They usually pray to.

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R’lyeh The Sunken City is a game on Roblox based on the HP Lovecraftian Order The Order is a group of people who worship Cthulhu The first cult to come from the game was named “The Order” and was worshippers of cthulhu and servants of the godking YourSolence.

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R Lyeh The Sunken City

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r’lyeh the sunken city roblox trello The Sunken City of


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Red gui is health blue gui is knockout If either reach 0 you get ragdolled Press E (PC) or Y (xbox) or Press and Hold (App) to finish ragdolled players.

Roblox R’lyeh The Sunken City How To Get
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