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Time Machine Tria Os Youtube from In this miniseries I convert all of my FE2 maps to Tria.OS maps, making small changes which will make them more playable. Although my maps are already conver…

ostime() returns a secondprecision unix time It should be used serverside and is useful for saving timestamps for player/game data It is .

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The Roblox Developer website provides documentation on how these ostime() is basically the same as doing ostick() (Returns the amount .

Os.time returns what system time? Scripting Support DevForum

What os time is it returning? My own PC? The server that is running the game? The time at Roblox HQ? The wiki should be more clear I need it to .

Time Machine Tria Os Youtube

Support DevForum Roblox time()? Scripting Os.time(), tick() or

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How to use os.time() or function? Scripting Support

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It has been heavily sandboxed from the standard Lua os library and does not allow you to perform any systemaltering operations int ostime ( .

Roblox Os.time Fe
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