Roblox Item Dropping Grab Script

Roblox Item Dropping Grab Script. The problem is that the button is only meant for ONE item not like 3 or 2 or 4 so the button disappears like it’s supposed to and only one item is destroyed If any more/different info is needed please ask! Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you.

Mm2 Script roblox item dropping grab script
Mm2 Script from Mm2 script

put a script in the ServerScriptService type this into the server script gameReplicatedStorageDropItemsOnServerEventConnect (function (plrChar) local items = plrBackPackGetChildren () number = 1 repeat items [number]Parent = GameWorkspace number = number + 1 until not items [number] end) enjoy!Code samplegameReplicatedStorageDropItemsOnServerEventConnect(function(plrChar)  local items = plrBackPackGetChildren()  number = 1  repeat    items[number]Parent = GameWorkspaceWas this helpful?Thanks! .

Grab item script not working Scripting Support Roblox

Roblox Owner Admin Script a guest Jun 29th 2019 84364 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up it unlocks many cool features! text 10923 KB raw download clone embed print report.

Need help with a "grab" script Scripting Roblox

COPY AND CUT THE CODE BELOW TO A Script object PLACED IN gameServerScriptService ]] local remote = game ReplicatedStorage WaitForChild (“Drop_Tool”) remote OnServerEvent Connect (function( player) will wait for the clientside (LocalScript) to call the function for the server to execute local character = player.

lua Dropping items on death in roblox Stack Overflow

Hey guys! Thanks for watching!Alpha Drop Script https//pastebincom/raw/HUn0K6tuBlood Script https//pastebincom/raw/DGPyTj9nCredits GUI Made By Alpha_.

Mm2 Script

Two Piece Grab All Items Script Rscripts the perfect

Roblox Owner Admin Script


[ROBLOX] Drop Tool Script

It may just be because your If statement isn’t true when the event fires what are you trying to detect as the mouse’s target?May 23 2020Apr 12 2020.

Roblox Item Dropping Grab Script
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