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Konekokitten Roblox Hat. OverviewPersonal lifeBrick HillKonekoKittenWasTaken and on YouTube as KonekoKitten is a MexicanAmerican Roblox YouTuber with over 1000000 subscribers He primarily uploads Roblox commentary and gameplay videos Text under.

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NorthernShoob or simply known as Northern or Shoob was a former staff member and Forums moderator on Roblox He is most notably known for being fired after making a “your mom” joke towards a user who was making fun of him On June 13 2016 a user known as Absham made a Forum post titled.

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Konekokitten just spent $3000 on one of only TWO normalquality frying pans in TF2 Info Close 114 Posted by Soldier 1 year ago Dam my boy both in roblox and Hat Simulator 3 Share Report Save level 1 1y All Class Me “if I save up enough I can build a decent PC” Bored Youtubers 3 Share Report Save.

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Roblox has recently removed a user generated hat from the UGC catalog called the “RoStar” This is a reference to the hat of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character Jotaro Kujo Roblox has referenced other games and tv shows in the past and is still fine yet Jotaro isn’t allowed possibly for copyright Snowflakes This is unjust and a cardinal sin against us fellow Robloxians and.

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14 level 1 1 yr ago Koneko is the one of the only major roblox youtubers who’s community didn’t ruin roblox 142 level 2 Op 1 yr ago And one of the only ones that hasn’t done a lot of clickbait (talking to you half of youtube) 80.

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Petition · Bring the “RoStar” hat back to the UGC catalog

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$3000 on one normal of only TWO Konekokitten just spent

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KonekoKittenWasTaken By @littlecatmaster1 Earn this Badge in ????Badge Island! (Christmas!!!)???????? KonekoKittenWasTaken is a popular youtuber who usually does videos about Roblox which are mostly review videos Type.

Konekokitten Roblox Hat
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