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Galaxy Roblox Wiki Turrets. Turrets are semiautomated weapons and utility tools found on Ships (Including NPCs like Pirates and Aliens) Planets and Starbases Below is a list of Turrets and all of their stats The stats are kept uptodate with the game files and should be mostly or completely correct Roblox Galaxy Official Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community View.

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Turrets Materials Tutorial Search Miners Freighters Frigates Destroyers Cruisers Battlecruisers Battleships Dreadnoughts Carriers Super Capitals The Galaxypedia is replacing the Galaxy Wiki! The Galaxy Wiki is no longer supported and wiki staff no longer actively moderate it Information that is on the Galaxy Wiki should be.

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DescriptionInteriorAdvantagesDisadvantagesStrategyVersion HistoryTriviaThe Mantid was an Avellian Dreadnought that was obtained via a quest from a gift box in a Christmasthemed cabin that could be reached through a teleporter in the Mega Base It is similar to the Khapri and Shadowmanein design and some traits of its armament It’s weaponry is overall balanced sporting an array of powerful point defence laser weaponry on the bottom and canno.

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Ships are divided into classes based on some key things size durability weaponry maneuverability and their use These are the current ship classes and ships These tiny ships spawn in carrier class ships They do not have much firepower (only spinal weaponry such as phasers and cannons) but can overwhelm small ships with the help of their mothership in a.

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The Wasp is given to every player upon playing Galaxy for the first time It is a Miner Class ship meaning it has no form of weaponry and has a mining turret along with an ore hold The wasp has practically no cargo hold as 7 unties really can’t hold anything The ship has a high speed and is very maneuverable but has no warp drive If it is destroyed a new one is instantly given to the.

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